Construction Updates (Gallery Demo)

The Gold Standard in Hurricane Protection

Belize is blessed geographically in that its location is out of the normal storm track, and consequently the country is rarely visited by major hurricanes. In fact, only two—one in the late 1800s, and one in 1921—have struck the country with force. All the others have dwindled to much milder tropical storms, coming ashore between category 1 and 3 on the storm scale.

Nonetheless, it pays to be prepared. Aware of the of the possibility of storm surges, however rare, we began by building the resort 2.5ft above ground level. Secondly, there is a 4ft elevation difference between sea level and ground level at the resort, which means that a storm surge under 6.5ft will not reach the first floor level.

All sea-facing exterior windows are constructed to meet or exceed Florida’s Miami-Dade County level 4 standards for impact and water resistance, the gold standard in hurricane protection. Staff participate in regular and recurring training to ensure that, should a storm threaten the resort, all staff are prepared to immediately implement an action plan designed to protect guests first, and the property second.

Twin high-efficiency generators stand ready to keep the resort running seamlessly in the event of a power outage. These generators are each capable of assuming the entire load, as if the power had not failed.

Under the building we have more than 25,000 gallons of water capable of supplying the resort in the event that the city water pumping station is out of service. We also have a high capacity, high pressure reverse osmosis water filtration system, capable of supplying pure, clean, drinking water throughout the building. Our rainwater collection program holds another 20,000 gallons in reserve which can be utilized for non-drinking purposes.

You will be able to sleep soundly knowing that we constructed the Royal Kahal Beachfront Suites to be as safe as possible, no matter what mother nature has in mind.