Royal Kahal Legal Statement

Fairhaven Properties and its affiliates are the developers of the real property being offered for sale as Royal Kahal Beachfront Suites, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. (“The Residences”).

Neither Fairhaven Properties nor any affiliate thereof, their officers, directors, agents or employees are in any way offerors, issuers or underwriters of any offering of sale for the Residences as an investment offering and as such shall not have any liability arising out of the sale of the Residences, including, without limitation, any liability or any responsibility for any financial statements, projections or other financial information contained in any sales and or marketing material, or similar written or oral representations. Fairhaven Properties and or its affiliates do not guarantee or represent any form of potential investment gain relating to the purchase of a Residence at Royal Kahal nor make promise of future income performance. This is not an offering in any jurisdiction where pre- qualification is required. It is acknowledged that any marketing or sales literature is forwarded to or disseminated in a pre-qualification jurisdiction is based solely on the request made by the recipient while in Belize and is not as a result of an offering made or promoted within the prequalification jurisdiction.

Purchasers are advised to seek their own professional legal, financial advice before entering into any purchase agreement concerning the Residences.