Why Belize?

English is the official language and Belize is part of the British Commonwealth, Belize’s legal system and its Judiciary is based on English Law.

Wildlife & Reserves

Over almost a third of Belize’s landmass is either Reserve of a designated sanctuary. Belize has some of the most beautiful and unique ecosystems, attracting adventure travelers from around the globe. Hiking trails, Waterfalls, Cave Tubing, Zip Lining, Forest Canopy Tours and whole host of other exciting options open up to the adventure seeking tourist.

Marine Reserves

Belize has a huge number of its hundreds of islands, cayes and Atolls protected and designated as Marine Parks. Visit the world-famous Blue Hole or explore many marine sanctuaries to learn about how Belize protects its natural resourced.

Mayan Ruins

Belize at one time was at the epicenter of the Mayan civilization, in its prime there where over 1.5 million Mayans living in Belize, today Belize is home to Mayan Ruins that rival any other ruins in the region. Take a day trip from Ambergris to visit Zunantanich, Altun Ha or Lamanai, you will be impressed, or visit some of the Mayan villages where ancient rainforest remedies and the worlds best chocolate is still produced traditionally by Mayans.

The Barrier Reef & Atolls

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef extends along the entire length of Ambergris Caye, offering unrivalled snorkeling diving and fishing, the Barrier Reef runs from 150 -200 yards off the beaches of Ambergris and provides a natural storm shelter and protection for the island. The Barrier reef is the second largest in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

The Weather

Warm weather year-round with a nice constant onshore breeze, keeps San Pedro high up on the list of people retiring from colder climates…

The Legal System

Belize operates on an English Legal System with all Attorneys required to qualify in either the UK or at the University of the West Indies in Barbados or Jamaica. Supreme Court Judges rotate throughout sister countries within Caricom.


Belize is blessed with having most major North American Carriers flying direct, Delta, American Airline, Southwest Airlines, TACA, Air Canada, Avianca, Westjet and many others fly from major US and Canadian Hubs daily.

Property Ownership

Belize’s Land Title System uses a fee simple freehold title basis, which means hereditary title can be willed, bequeathed or passed on with no inheritance tax, withholding tax or Capital Gains Tax on the sale of real estate.

The People & Culture

Belize has some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean stemming from a rich history of cultures, ancestry can be traced from English, Garinagu/Garifuna, Kriol, Mestizo, German, Chinese, East Indian and Mayan.

The heart of any country is the people, you will love visiting Belize, but most leave with fond memories of the people.