Why Belize?

The fastest growing tourism industry in the Americas, Belize offers a spectacular world of opportunities for today’s investors.  At a time when most Caribbean destinations have become highly commercialized, Belize and in particular Ambergris Caye remain largely untouched by Western influences. Those who have made Belize their home run most of the shops and restaurants. Belize offers you an eclectic mix of things to do from outdoor adventures to exploring rich Mayan history. You will be enchanted by the welcoming Belizeans who bring their own unique flavour to everything they do from food, to music, to dance, and art.

English is the official language and Belize is the only member of the British Commonwealth in the Caribbean. Peaceful democratic governments are elected by the people and follow the British system of government. The stable Belizean dollar is pegged 2:1 to the U.S. dollar, and has been since Belize won its independence from Great Britain. Belize offers many reasons to be high on any investor’s list. It is very accessible to the North American traveler with two cities in Canada and twenty in the U.S. offering direct flights.