Royal Kahal Resort prioritizes the protection, preservation, and improvement of our natural environment. Everything has been designed around efficiency and reducing our footprint on the environment in which we operate.  The building features cutting-edge sustainable elements, setting the benchmark for eco-friendliness nationwide. 

REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM: The resort boasts a high-capacity, high-pressure reverse osmosis water filtration system, ensuring a continuous supply of ultra-pure, clean drinking water throughout the building. The system treats the R/O water using sand, UV, and charcoal filter elements. Then, because R/O water is so pure it has very little taste, our system adds back naturally occurring minerals to restore that clean, fresh taste. It is tested regularly to ensure that it continues to surpass bottled water standards. Moreover, a separate plumbing network is integrated into the building, delivering this water to every kitchen, wet bar, ice maker, and multiple bathroom sinks. Affectionately referred to as ‘Green Faucets,’ this vital measure aligns with our mission to completely eradicate the need for single-use plastic containers of any size. Because the water exceeds the standards required of bottled water, each guest is provided with an insulated water bottle on check-in, a welcome gift from Royal Kahal. Then, while traveling our lovely country, each guest can relax knowing that they are doing their part to avoid the use of plastic water bottles.

RAINWATER COLLECTION SYSTEM: This harvesting system saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water, a precious resource on any island. During rainy periods, water is diverted to a separate bank of underground cisterns that hold up to 20,000 gallons, ensuring a sustainable supply for irrigation and cleaning without depleting scarce city water resources. 

ECO-CHIC COMFORT: We strive to utilize recycled materials whenever possible. More than 70% of all fabrics used in our couch upholstery are made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles – which are not only good for the environment, but also both spill and stain-resistant, durable, and indistinguishable from conventional materials. 

PLASTICS-FREE RESORT: From straws and takeout containers to bottled drinks and various plastic-based items, we refrain from their usage. Instead, we prioritize recycled materials, incorporating products like paper napkins whenever available. To further minimize environmental impact, all single-use plastic food service items, including to-go containers, straws, and bags, are fully biodegradable. Additionally, we are committed to using soaps and cleaners in building maintenance that is safe for both sea and freshwater, wherever possible, ensuring sustainability remains at the core of our endeavors. As part of these efforts, we provide reusable dispensers in suites for shampoo and other toiletries, contributing to the reduction of single-use plastic waste.

SUSTAINABLE STRUCTURES: The exterior walls of the resort are built of a high-tech composite panel system consisting of a 4” PVC foam core, clad on both sides by a mesh of 1” galvanized steel set off from the foam by ½”. This is then filled with a lightweight concrete that is trowelled on to a 1” thickness. After that, there is a three-coat plaster system, starting with a ¼”” layer that is screeded flat, followed by two more conventional layers of plaster. The result is a wall with an insulated factor of R-23, as compared to R-10 for conventional block constriction. Windows are cut into the wall panels and are made of insulated fibreglass frames with triple-glazed, gas-filled sandwiches that provide a tint for added insulation. Together, the wall panel and glass window units exceed the Miami/Dade County level IV standard for hurricane resistance.

SALTWATER POOLS: Our saltwater swimming pools have a lower environmental impact by reducing the demand for manufactured chemicals. The pools generate a purer form of chlorine, leading to fewer harmful byproducts like chloramines, resulting in a more enjoyable swimming experience. Additionally, our pools conserve water with their longer turnover rate, requiring less frequent draining and refilling, making them beneficial for regions facing water scarcity or restrictions. 

“INSTANT-ON” HOT WATER HEATERS: All hot water throughout every suite is provided by gas-fired “instant-on” hot water heaters, which are both more convenient and more efficient. This system saves up to 30% of the energy costs required to produce hot water only when and where needed. 

VARIABLE REFRIGERANT FLOW AC: The entire building is fitted with VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) air conditioning systems, which saves an estimated 55% power over conventional split systems.